Tyranny of the Night - Brain Exploding Time

Ok, i'm already over half-way through Tyranny of the Night, and i am loving it.
But i still have no clue who, what, where and how half of the "factions" and religions and political parties and cities and provinces and empires and races all interact or hate or partner with, etc...

My head was ready to explode during that chapter (one of the first chapters) went on explaining all those things mixing and mashing and mangling each other. Is there a key or chart online that separates and organizes all these "parties" into understandable guidelines?
I would look but i don't want to run into any spoilers.

I know there's a Brothe Empire, and The Brotherhood of War, but i can never tell if they are related to each other, or if the Brotherhood of War is related to the Patriarchy, or if the Brothe Empire is. And is the Patriarchy the Episcopals? And then there's the "false" Patriarch.
I know the Sha-lug are the army of Dreanger.
I get the Arnhanders, the Andorayans and Antieux all mixed up. I don't know the difference between The Connec or Antieux, or if they're the same thing, or if one is a province and the other is a city within the province, or if they are opposing nations, or if i'm mistaking that for the Arnhanders.
And then there's Firaldia and Sonsa.
Khaurene and Calzir.
There's Sublime and Immaculate, and Peter of the Navaya.
I mix up the Cologni's with the Bruglioni's.
There's Blackboots and his Empire, but then i thought he was leader of the Pirates.
I have no clue who the Pramans are and how they fit.
I think Chaldarean is a general term for the main religion, as the word "Christian" is to "Lutheran" or "Pentecostal" or "Anglican", etc..., but i don't know if that's even right.
I think Brother Candle and his Seekers After Light are what are referred to as the Maysaleans, but again sometimes it sounds like they're separate.

Then this also puzzles me Shagot and Svavar spoilersCollapse ).

I also still don't really understand how al-Sul Halaladin, or the Kaif fit into any of this either.

Does anybody have it straight, or are you all as mind-boggled as i am?

I am loving the story once it gets onto personal levels with Else and Shagot and Svavar and stuff. Just all the political and religious factioning mixed with the myriad of place names and random people names are quite overwhelming!

Does anybody know of a place that has all these groups and peoples listed and organized in a way that we can understand who is who, who likes who and who hates who, and all that?

Stumbled upon some Glen Cook Novels

I was visiting my home province of BC, Canada (i live now in Newfoundland) last week, and i went to the ol' used book store i haven't been to in 3 years, and i lucked out and found a bunch of Glen Cook novels!
I even found a Garrett PI one!!
I wanted to run the title by you guys to see if you know'em, or if they're any good:

-Bitter Gold Hearts (Reading that one right now, and am enjoying it ... it's the Garrett book, as if any of you didn't know)
-The Swordbearer
-Darkwar Trilogy 1: Doomstalker (I suppose i shouldn't start this one until i definitely have the other 2 in my hand ... unless it's a "trilogy" like the Black Company ... probably have to go ebay on its ass ...)

Anyhoo, i guess my question is about The Swordbearer and the Doomstalker one: are they any good? Should i break my neck to try to find the others of the Darkwar trilogy? Is the Swordbearer part of a series? (it doesn't say, so i assume it isn't, but you never know)

Thanks in advance for any responses ... i know this group has been pretty dead for a while ... (maybe we need a little tool like Bomanz to resurrect us like he did Lady - i know, i know ... lame joke, but we all should be geeky enough to appreciate it, right?)
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New Dread Empire novel coming out...


Publish date is July '06.

On a related note...I'm selling my D.E. books. I ahve all but one of the first prequels ( I think I have WITH MERCY TOWARDS NONE, but I may have THE FIRE IN HIS HANDS. I can never remember which one I have...). I need to make room for new books. :-D

If anyone is interested, send me a message...
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Tyranny of the Night

Book opne of the Instrumentalities of the Night... I got a once-read copy for cheap, and managed one chapter with my limited reading time. Was very Nordic.
Anyone else read this yet? I suppose I should go back on this LJ and read eh?

Soulcatcher and Toadkiller Dog in my Dream?

I had a dream in which events that i can't remember lead me to this dark forest being chased by this giant evil-looking wolf/dog and a combination of this giant psychotic serial-killer lumber-jack, and Soulcatcher in one person. (you know how dreams can be shifty like that with people)
There was no real feeling or reference to Toadkiller Dog in the actual dream, but looking back on it while i'm awake leads me to think it might have been him.
But anyway, i was being hunted by them and somehow they surrounded me, Soulcatcher in her masked outfit behind me and the giant wolf in front of me. I started backing away to the side, so they'd be positioned in more of a V in front of me. But then the dog lunged after me, sank it's teeth into my arm and dragged me back into a position so i was between them both again, and i could feel the teeth tearing my arm-flesh off the bone.
It was weird, but not super scary. There was no real terror in the dream, it was more like, "Oh shit, i'm toast now."

But it was pretty cool that at least one character from this grand book series was able to jump into my dreams.

If they ever do make a movie, i would love to actually see and hear Soulcatcher speak - each sentence in a different voice!!

concept art

Hail there, tasty humans!
Today I want to show you some rare pictures. They are from russian translation of Ten Taken.

Upd. in fact this is first book of the BC serie. for some reasons it was published under "Ten Taken" name.

PS all rights reserved and so on.
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Black Company Gifts

One cool thing I been doing, and I encourage others to do as well, is to pick up any Black Company books you may see in used bookstores, ebaY, etc, and give them to the Iraq & Afghanistan soldier Christmas care packages. No matter what your personal views are on this, the men and women on the ground in these countries are somewhat akin to the Black Company, and they are always asking for books. I had some friends who were in Desert Storm, and they became Black Company fans while over there as a couple of the paperbacks circulated amongst them.
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She is the Darkness

Well, just finished book #8, She is the Darkness ... i think it one of, of not my favorite out of them!
Just really well told and good story and everything!
My mouth literally dropped in that sorta surprised, "you cunning bastard" sort of way when SPOILERSCollapse )

A very entertaining and gripping volume of our Black Company!
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mathematical rigor

In one of the books someone was lecturing someone else about sorcery, and about how even though the sorcerers were basically insane, they maintained their insanity with a mathematical rigor, allowing them to still be able to cast spells without dire consequences.

Does anyone remember which book, and around where/when in that book, that little speech was? I think it was Sleepy talking to Tobo, in "Water Sleeps", just before they entered the shadowgate -- but skimming through the book I was unable to find it...


The Plain of Fear

Well, i decided to draw a scene from the Plain of Fear mentioned in "The Black Company" and visited in depth in "The White Rose", with special guest appearances of the creatures from the Plain in "The Silver Spike".
Well, maybe it's not quite a scene, but at least a clumping-together of a few of the creatures and feel of the Plain ... including the backward camel-centaurs, the desert coral, the Menhirs, a windwhale (with flying mantas) and even good ol' father tree:

Visit the wacky Plain of FearCollapse )

I know it's not the best piece of work out there, but i always wanted to do SOMETHING to promote the Black Company books in SOME way. So ... here's my version of the Plain of Fear.

One description of windwhales is that from afar they look like sharks with a whole whack of tentacles hanging down.

I just finished The Silver Spike today, and am close to the end of Shadow Games (i was reading them both at the same time cuz they are of the same chronology ... it was fun going back and forth in the books and reading about Croaker and the gang visiting the Temple of Travellers Repose, and then going to the other book and reading about the Limper and Toadkiller Dog bringing out the Temple's destruction ... with help from Darling and the Plain creatures.)